Mar. 20, 2015 -- Dalton, GA, -- USFloors is pleased to announce Chinafloors has entered into a non-exclusive licensing and marketing deal with USFloors in connection with Chinafloors’ introduction of its NOVOCORE™ line. Read more...

Chinafloors pursues its promise to always bring greener and healthier products to the market. After successfully passing the ECO certification in Germany, Chinafloors laminate proves to be one of the healthiest on the market. Read more...

The German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt) granted Chinafloors the use of its Ü mark of conformity, confirming the products fulfill the strictest requirements within the German market. Read more...

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We are pleased with your interest in our company. Chinafloors is a team of young flooring professionals based in an industrial area in the south of Shanghai and we love what we do. We are convinced we are building the leading flooring company in China and invite you to be a part of it.

Our mission statement is to produce high value flooring products according to international quality standards at the most competitive prices. If you follow our amazing track record of growth, you will soon realize what we can also mean to you.

The future is (y)ours
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The Chinafloors team